OK Tubrod 15.20 is a fully basic, low-hydrogen, flux-cored wire containing 1%Cr–0.5Mo, designed for welding creep-resistant steels of similar composition. Shielding gas CO2 or Ar + 20% CO2. Typical applications include fabrication and repair in the power industry.


Классификации: SFA/AWS A5.36, E81T5-M21PZ-G-H4, Weld Metal

Alloy Type: IMPERIAL_Creep resisting low alloy steel (1% Cr, 0.5% Mo)
Diffusible Hydrogen: < 4 ml/100g
Welding Current: DC-

Анализ металла проволоки:

Typical Tensile Properties

M21 shielding gas PWHT 690°C 1h
Tensile Strength Yield Strength
670 MPa 570 MPa

Параметры нанесения

Амперы В Диаметр коэффициент наплавки Скорость подачи проволоки
120-300 A 16-32 V 1.2 mm 1.7-6.5 kg/h 4.0-15.0 m/min

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