CITORCH T NG range is presented in two models:

Round handle serie (RL):
easy to handle and easy to maintain

RL serie is the classic round handle TIG torches have been designed to meet all welding expectations in all positions. The trigger module is fully adjustable and can be moved in any position around the handle.

New design of the trigger module with plastic blade:

  • Higher safety due to electrical isolation
  • Esthetic: no corrosion

The woven sheath and the handle’s sleeve give a good flexibility to the harness.

Ergonomic handle serie (EB):
very confortable to use and with various options in a modular system

EB serie is the best Oerlikon TIG torches with an advanced ergo-design, using a colored soft grip for a maximum welder comfort. These torches will give you an optimum welding quality, and increase the communication between the welder and the machine.

The modular system brings a increased control over the power source. All torches are delivered with a single button module. That can be changed by any kind of other button.

The ball joint gives excellent flexibility, and the first 1 m of the harness is leather which increases the service life of the welding hose.


The connectors to the machine are in a new design, compact and fully protected delivering both strength and quality. All hoses are in rubber with a woven sheath for heavy duty work.

Maintenance kit

A complete kit for all your applications. The kit includes electrode collets, nozzles, back caps and collet

Designation Cat. nr
CITORCH T NG 10/10W W000306441
CITORCH T NG 20 W000306442
CITORCH T NG 30 W000306443
CITORCH T NG 40/35W W000306444
CITORCH T NG 40W W000306445
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