Welding inverter have been designed to meet the most demanding conditions for on-site welding applications, offering reliable operation and high duty cycle. The machine features the special Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) for increased safety when used in mines, shipyards and petrochemical plant.


  • Rugged on site concept
  • Hot Start function and anti-sticking device
  • Arc Force regulation on front panel
  • Suitable for rutile, basic and cellulosic electrodes
  • TIG lift+ device, including up slope and down slope regulation & TIG exit fuzzy method (arc extinguishing)
  • Ergonomic handles (easy lifting and rolling of the cables)
  • Digital display of parameters
  • Generator compatible
  • Usable with long primary extension cable (up to 70 m in 2.5 mm² section)
  • Remote control plug
  • VRD for increased safety
Power supply 230V - single phase - 50/60 Hz
Primary effective consumption 16 A
No-load voltage 66.6 V
Welding intensity 5 - 160 A
Duty cycle 10 min. cycle (at 40 °C) 160 A @ 60%
Electrode diameter 1.6 to 4.0 mm
Connector size 13 mm
Weight (net) 9 kg
Cat. nr W000272662

  • Warranty period for professional equipment (2 years)
  • Single phase (delivered with 16 A Schucko plug)
  • Low electrical consumption
  • Voltage Reduce Device Reduction of no load voltage to ensure maximum safety making the equipment suitable for demanding site environements, such as mining, shipyards and petrochemical plants
  • High Power Factor device that conforms with the new european standards to improve efficiency and reduce electrical consumption
  • Compatible with motor generator. Minimum power required (cf Instruction Manual)
  • Can be used with long primary extension cable (Long: 70 m, section: 3 x 2.5 mm2)
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